Website Development and Design



My name is Kimberly Barrera and I am currently a full time System Analyst in NJ for a Health Care IT Company . I spend most of my time troubleshooting, educating, monitoring and supporting my companies software medical applications. It was actually during a Design Workshop near my local town I started to realize how much I enjoyed designing and coding  as a freelancer . Although My Degree is not Web Design, the principles I learned during my education at NJIT made the transition to Web Design feel like a natural step. I am  now looking into working with a professional web development team. I know that working with a team would provide me with more skill sets in the field and growth for this  Industry.


As a web Designer and Front End Developer from Passaic, New Jersey, I am always looking for new projects to work on. I hold my B.A Degree in Information Systems with a certification in Medical Informatics, Graduated in 2013 from New Jersey Institute of Technology.  I’ve always been intrigued with web design, graphic design and technology and currently take small projects from individuals to work on.